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 Learn Advanced Cryptocurrency Day Trading and Swing Trading Strategies That You Can Start Implementing Today.

What you'll realize

Digital currency Trading Strategies That You Can Start Implementing Today.

OrderFlow and How to Read The OrderBook.

Short Selling and How to Implement Shorting inside a Strategy.

Instructions to Properly utilize Technical Analysis.

High level Risk Management and Money Management Techniques.

Instructions to Analyze Historical Performance To Optimize Your Performance.

Instructions to utilize our FREE Excel Sheet for Historical Performance Analysis.

Instructions to run A Market Making Strategy.

Instructions to run a Triangular Arbitrage Strategy.

Step by step instructions to run a Market Neutral Mean Reversion (Pair Trading) Strategy.

The most effective method to run a Market Neutral Momentum Strategy.


Fundamental Cryptocurrency Knowledge. (on the off chance that you don't have any, kindly take my Cryptocurrency Investment Course first)


In this Advanced Cryptocurrency course we show you the very Trading Strategies that Traders at the Proprietary Trading Firm Montreal Trading Group have carried out for the organization.

This course not just incorporates the material that is expected to find success in Trading yet in addition the way that we decipher the various sorts of data progressively to settle on the most ideal Trading choices.

You will gain from Mohsen Hassan, an expert Trader who has overseen more than 20 brokers for his own organization.

Thus, whether you need to produce some side pay by exchanging Cryptocurrencies or on the other hand if you have any desire to make exchanging your main kind of revenue, then, at that point, this course is for you.

Toward the finish of this course you will figure out how to examine Order Flow. You will be open to perusing the Order Book and the Time of Sales, both fundamental for dynamic exchanging. You can comprehend and carry out Short Selling in your exchanging.

You will likewise turn into a specialist in Chart perusing! This implies you will know how to detect the best Chart Patterns and Candlestick Patterns as well as utilize the best Technical Indicators to trade at ideal areas.

We likewise cover Risk Management and Money Management methods so you will actually want to know precisely the amount to trade on each exchange and where to put your take benefits and stop misfortunes to limit your gamble!

You will likewise be getting a FREE Excel Sheet to compute your Position Sizing and Analyze your Historical Performance!

We follow this up by going north of 4 different Trading Strategies that you can begin carrying out the present moment:

1) Market Making

2) Triangular Arbitrage

3) Market Neutral Mean Reversion (Pair Trading)

4) Market Neutral Momentum

On top of the multitude of material idea we will be giving you our own stunts, strategies and perspectives on Cryptocurrency Trading so you can quick track your prosperity.

While enlisting to this course, you have:

Lifetime Access to the course

Admittance to all new/extra talks (My courses are consistently forward-thinking!)

Admittance to our Q&A area for eternity!

Anxious to see you in the course!

Who this course is for:

Any individual who needs to Trade the Cryptocurrency Market like a Pro.

Anybody who need to Learn about Professional Trading Strategies.

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This course isn't for fledglings, it's a greater amount of a transitional level and that being said a gained some significant knowledge of various techniques that monetary foundations. Mohsen shared this information from his own insight of chipping away at various establishments.

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10 areas • 39 talks • 5h 49m absolute length

Presentation: Me, You and This Course

Value Action/Trading reasoning

Specialized Analysis/Charting Primer

Cash Management and Risk Management

Exchanging Styles

Methodology 1: Market Making

Methodology 2: Triangular Arbitrage

Methodology 3: Market Neutral Mean Reversion (Pair Trading)

Methodology 4: Market Neutral Momentum

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