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Dating with your love ..Here are some tips to have a good time

 Dating with your girl friend or boyfriend..Here are some tips to have a good time

Madeline Esposito-Smith, a sexual relations counselor in the US state of Wisconsin, said that “Covid eliminated sexual desire,” pointing out that “the couple who live together lost any excitement and mystery through their work remotely, one next to the other, and became isolated by themselves in order to sharpen their energy.” Again, very valuable.”

With summer approaching, it's time to take back what we've longed for, perhaps without realizing it, namely, date nights.

Why should you date your partner?

As the name suggests, dating is a planned time that allows both partners to focus on each other. Melanie Davis, a sexual relations counselor in the US state of New Jersey, said that dating can be a symbol of regulating sex, scheduling time to play cards, prepare food together, go out to see friends, or take a walk in nature.

In fact, the effect of date night may have benefits that last longer than the next day. “Dating nights have been found to have a positive effect on relationships, including increased relationship satisfaction, interest in one’s partner, mutual fun, better communication, and commitment,” said Rachel Needell, a psychotherapist and co-director of the Modern Institutes for Sexual Therapy, based in Florida. greater than the other.”

A new perspective on dating for the night

And as soon as you hear the phrase “date night,” the traditional romantic candlelight dinner comes to mind. The duo has plenty of options to do so in a fancy or casual restaurant, close to home, or during a travel trip.

Rebecca Sokol, a Brooklyn-based psychotherapist, explained, "Date night is a concept with one goal in mind: to enhance feelings of connection with an important person in your life." She explained, "Some of the essential ingredients that are important to add in for a good date include: phone-free time, eye contact, and a shared experience. The more of these elements, the more likely it is to go beyond the goal of enhancing connection, to moving on to a sense of potential for growth in the relationship."

Here are some suggestions from psychotherapists:

Paving the way: It might be difficult to arrange a date night if you both have kids, but it's not impossible. "Maybe you could do some sort of swap with another family with kids, on a weekly basis," Needle said. "Or plan something for when the kids are asleep, ask for a day off work or leave earlier if that's possible."

Nostalgia  : “I encourage both partners to look back on their favorite past dates to find out what caused them excitement, pleasure, or fun,” said Sari Cooper, a sexual relations counselor and director of the New York Center for Love and Sex, pointing out the need to try to add these reasons again to their next dates.

Turning off the cell phone:  "It could be as simple as having dinner at home without the phone distracting you," says Paula Lish, a sex therapist in Oregon. Lesch calls on every couple that comes to her "to continue dating their partners, and to put as much effort into the relationship as it was in the beginning."

Flashback: Try to date your partner at night in a public place. "When we leave the confines of our homes, we can see our partners in different lights," said Hannah Basel, a psychiatrist who works in Minnesota and Oregon.

Stay home: Deborah J. Fox, a Washington, D.C.-based couples therapist, says, "When it's not possible to date outside the home because of your financial means or the presence of children. Get dressed outside and eat by candlelight."

Plan an adventure: This could be as simple as a hike, testing out a new restaurant, driving to another city, or anything outside of your comfort zone. "New experiences are a wonderful opportunity to learn more about ourselves and our partner... and trigger feelings of vulnerability, which can breed closeness," Lesch said.

Reconsider intimacy:  "Have sex before you go to dinner," advises sex counselor Rosara Torresi, noting that "people usually feel too bloated and tired to enjoy sex after dinner."

Pick up a new skill: Take a cooking class, go wine tasting, or even learn how to change your oil together, as long as you try something new together.

Daylight Dating:  “A lot of couples are experiencing sobriety in a relationship these days,” Sokol said. “How about dating during the day or early in the morning? Changing times alters the type of activities, the circumstances in which we interact with each other, and changes A state of mind we live together."

Finally, do not rule out a virtual date , as it does not incur material costs, and through it, you test if there is some kind of initial attraction with the other.


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