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For men, when dating, your girlfriend expects these things from you

For men, when dating, your girlfriend expects these things from you

When the two lovers are dating or even with the first meetings between them, and the first steps of acquaintance are still in place, the woman is waiting for several things from the man so that he can do them and achieve them in what she evaluates as a gentle and polite man, who enjoys a high sense and is fluent in the taste and art of dealing, especially with women or not.


 Therefore, man, pay attention to your behavior, and you should take these matters seriously and think about them seriously.. so get to know them:

1- Preparing a mandatory plan

Often a woman waits for her lover to prepare a plan to go out, then presents it to her, saying, “My love, we will go out to dinner together today!” If she agrees, then an agreement is reached on the time and place.

2- Commitment to deadlines

Punctuality is a given of course, but please be on time to make sure your girlfriend isn't standing around waiting for you.


3- Make an effort

A woman loves a man who makes an effort for her in choosing a dating venue, dressing up well, choosing his clothes carefully, and making sure they are clean and well-dressed.


4- Chivalry

Women are impressed by the gentleman, classic in character, in his treatment of her, for example, he takes one step ahead of her to open the door for her, precedes her and gets out of the car to open the door for her, pulls her chair to sit and also hands her her coat.

5- Attention 

Dear man, focus on this matter because it is very important, and it is (attention). When your sweetheart speaks, listen to her with all your ears, and do not turn too much around you and do not yawn every once in a while, because this makes her feel a loss of hope in you, because you show the feeling of boredom from the interview or from the conversation and you wish to end it, And be careful not to look at others, even if their beauty attracts you, as this is a blatant insult to her, and also do not look for your phone from time to time, especially if it does not ring.


6- Table manners

Table manners are also an important feature. Women love a man who shows table manners, chews with his mouth closed, and does not make a fuss with eating utensils and speaks loudly while eating his food.

7- An interesting conversation

Try to start opening conversations and have the ingenuity to know if she is not receptive to the subject of the conversation or if she wants to continue listening and that your conversation is interesting, all of which is shown by the extent of her response to you and is also reflected in the features of her face (frowning, boredom, or eagerness to hear more).


8- Self-confidence

Women are often attracted to self-confident men, but be careful not to let it go to the point of arrogance or foolishness.


9- Submitting the offer to pay the bill

Even if the woman is independent and has a strong personality, you are a man, and manhood obliges you, at least, to offer her to pay the bill.