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The best American and Canadian dating sites

The best American dating sites:

There are a lot of sites that can help you get acquainted with an American girl , among all the American dating sites we will give you the best 3 sites that you can browse:

1) The popular dating site in America Match:com:

It is considered among the best giant dating sites, as it contains a huge user base that allows you to meet different people from all over the world (especially in America) and also provides you with the ability to search for people by gender, age, and even city as well.

2) Eharmony :

The latter is a British dating site, as most of the users of the site are from Britain, and it aims to bring together people who are compatible with each other in ideas, values, morals, as well as principles, so that communication between them takes place well in an atmosphere full of love and fun.

But it is also considered among the very popular dating sites in other foreign countries such as the United States of America and Australia, along with Canada and France.

3) Arab Lounge website :

Here you will find large numbers of American women of Arab descent . The site is mainly concerned with Arab expatriates looking for an Arab husband or wife.

Canadian dating sites:

Dating and marriage sites in Canada are among the things that a group of young people from Arab countries are looking for, as they allow them to get to know a girl from Canada and marry her, and thus obtain a marriage visa to Canada and obtain permanent residence in Canada .

Therefore, in this paragraph, we will show you the best dating sites in Canada in terms of the opportunity to find a wife or husband, make friends, etc.

1) :
This site has more than 40 million members and is among the most reputable sites in Canada.

It is also very popular around the world and has a group of serious members who are looking for serious relationships for marriage.

Frankly, there are a group of sites for the world of chatting and forming relationships for the sake of marriage, but there are those that do not have credibility or are free for a period and become paid after a period of experience.

2) Lava life website :
A famous dating site in Canada for chatting, and you can search the site in French and English, and it includes more than 10 million subscribers from all over the world.

Registration is easy and you can only register with Facebook.

We have previously written a detailed article about Canadian dating and marriage sites, which you can read from here ?? Here are the best dating and marriage sites in Canada

Advice for anyone who wants to get married through dating sites:
Through the experience of some friends, we advise every young man who wants to marry a foreign girl … to adhere to the following steps:

Learn English and it's okay to use Google's simultaneous translation, (here's the following article that can help you translate what you want >> Top 6 translation apps via your mobile camera );
not insisting on girls entering into an affair;
not to lie;
Entering marriage and dating sites whose credibility is recognized;
Facebook is not a site for dating and marriage, so you should stay away from it.
Having characteristics that European girls love, and this you talked about in one of your topics;
Patience and not losing hope, even if you find some difficulties in the beginning;
That you have a sincere intention to offer love and that your only goal behind the relationship is not to emigrate only.