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Hacker stole $1.08 million from Audius after passing a malicious suggestion
. 25 July 2022
 Tender proposal (Proposition 85) requesting the transfer of 18 million AUDIO internal tokens valued at approximately $6 million was approve...
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Thailand's Strict Crypto Regulatory Delays Siam Commercial Bank's Acquisition of Bitcap
. 22 July 2022
 SCBX informs the Stock Exchange of Thailand that the acquisition of Bitcap "continues to be subject to due diligence" Thailand&#3...
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Dogecoin releases a new update to improve security and efficiency
. 22 July 2022
 The DOGE fee mechanism has been improved with the inclusion of this upgrade: the limits for all network participants have been reduced from...
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Solana price enters correction zone after 80% monthly gain
. 21 July 2022
 A bearish flag setup in SOL sees its price drop to $21 by September 2022 Solana (SOL) price declined slightly on July 20th after testing cr...
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Cryptocurrencies Reclaim $1 Trillion Market Cap: Bitcoin Reaches $22,000
. 18 July 2022
 The total market cap of all cryptocurrencies rose to over $1 trillion in a day of big green candles Goodbye sad Monday, hello bullish news ...
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