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 Coinbase to give out ENS usernames to work on wallet exchanges
. 21 September 2022
Clients can get a username through Coinbase Wallet's program expansion and use it to send and get crypto tokens rather than the conventi...
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Will Ethereum 2.0 be vulnerable to censorship? Industry professional explains
. 31 August 2022
Ryan Berckmans, Ethereum community member and investor, discussed the potential consequences that the Tornado Cash ban could have on the fut...
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US authorities arrest ex-coinbase manager, claiming cryptocurrency insider trading
. 22 July 2022
 Three people allegedly used multiple Ethereum wallets to pre-purchase certain tokens in at least 14 separate announcements from public Coin...
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Coinbase Gets Approval of Crypto Asset Service Provider in Italy
. 18 July 2022
 Coinbase has been providing cryptocurrency services in Italy a while back, offering Coinbase card services in the country as of June 2019 U...
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