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 Crypto clients stand up against dYdX advancement requiring face filter
. 01 September 2022
"Regardless of the reason, this is a totally terrible thought and you ought to walk this back right away," said Adam Cochran, a ge...
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 Get ready for the feds to start indicting NFT wash traders
. 31 August 2022
Securities and Exchange Commission regulators should move to protect investors from traders who distort the NFT market with manipulative tra...
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Yuga Labs 'inappropriately induced' BAYC investors: Class action
. 25 July 2022
 Law establishment Scott Scott alleges that Yuga Labs promoted a chance at huge returns on investment to “ unknowing investors. ”     A prop...
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Researcher Says Mirage Upgrade Is Ethereum’s Chance to Beat Bitcoin
. 25 July 2022
Ethereum's imminent move to a proof-of-stake consensus mechanism will change its monetary policy, potentially making ETH scarcer than Bi...
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