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Urgent: A large digital currency is rising insanely... and warnings of a violent collapse
. 17 July 2022
The second-largest cryptocurrency has made remarkable gains over the past few days, and while some see Ethereum poised to record further gai...
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 Sterling Plunges Amid British Government Turmoil
. 06 July 2022
Sterling diverged July 05, 2022 after the pound fell to a new low in March 2020 against the dollar on Tuesday after news of the resignation ...
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Urgent: A sudden drop in the strongest currency in the world .. Did Russia drop its currency?
. 04 July 2022
The Russian currency fell for the first time in more than two weeks against the dollar and the euro after record highs that pushed the ruble...
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Violent fluctuations.. coins in the abyss and dollars in the sky
. 03 July 2022
More violent fluctuations in the global economy, between the moderate performance of the US economy, the rise in European inflation, the acc...
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